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When Is The Best Time To List?

Is it Spring yet? Yes, I know it technically is Spring and has been for a few weeks.

It doesn’t really feel like it to me though and it can mean different things to different people. It’s very common for homeowners to reach out to me with questions about listing their property, maybe they want me to come take a look before they choose a paint color or make other changes (my favorite thing to do, by the way) or just want to start the conversation of what I think their house might sell for in this market. I find most of my sellers start discussions with me anywhere from 1-6 months before listing.

In those initial conversations, we discuss their timeline for selling. The most common answer I receive goes something like this. “We were thinking we’d list it in the Spring. That’s the best time right? Unless you think there’s a better time.”

What Timeline Works For You?

My first response to this is always, the only reason to wait to list your house is because it works best for your (the owner’s) timeline. This can mean it just fits into your life better. Or it can mean that you have a few small projects to finish up. Always finish those first and put your best foot forward.

After we’ve gotten that clarification out of the way, I ask the important question, “what do you mean by Spring?” Sometimes they haven’t thought that far ahead; they’ve just always thought they should wait for Spring without quantifying it. Sometimes they have a specific month in mind or an idea of what the weather will look like then. I hate to say never, but almost never, does any potential seller in the North Country mean blustery, unpredictable March when they say Spring.

Does It Feel like Spring Yet?

Here's the challenge of Spring for us. We are fed media photos of flowers blooming, green grass, and children in summery clothes just like other parts of the country. Even our stores sell those summery outfits when it’s 30 degrees outside. However, if we truly wait for this picture of Spring, we might be waiting until June.

Do we sometimes have beautiful weather sooner, of course, but we’ve also seen snowstorms in April and ugly, cold rainy Mays. The problem isn’t with Spring itself it’s that Winter comes back so soon after. By waiting, you risk shrinking your selling season. Thereby, decreasing your odds of finding a buyer at the price you want. In our area, I find buyers are most distracted at back to school time and winter holidays. Meaning they are distracted by life and not focusing as much at finding a home.

Therefore, if you need or want to sell your house, don’t wait for the weather to corporate. We can always update the photos to refresh the listing if it’s still for sale when flowers arrive and the grass is green. Capture the attention of buyers now, while they are still hopeful for sunny days and Spring arriving. And while there are less houses on the market competing for their attention.

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