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How to choose the Right Agent to List your House

If you're thinking about selling your house, whether you're upgrading, downsizing, or just need a change of scenery, it's a big decision. But before you commit, there's one crucial

step. Finding the right real estate professional to guide you through the process.

Choosing the right professional to sell your home, can make all the steps after much

smoother or much more challenging. Here's how to navigate the many options and find

your perfect fit:

Experience Counts

First things first, you want someone who knows their stuff. Experience isn't everything,

but it sure does help to have someone who’s been down this road a few hundred times.

They should have a solid track record of successful sales in your area and preferably in

your price range too. Someone who knows the local market like the back of their hand

can help you set the right price, anticipate challenges, and negotiate like a pro. If they

feel like a good fit, but are newer, ask questions:

What is their support system like if they a situation arises that they haven’t dealt with before? Is their broker or mentor involved along the way? The experience category doesn’t have to come from them alone, sometimes it takes a team.

Personality Match

Selling your house is personal. Not only are you embarking on one of the largest

financial transactions of your life, but it often comes with some pretty strong emotions

too. This is completely normal. Certainly, it’s different for everyone, but if you’ve made

wonderful memories there, it can be hard move on. Even if it’s not emotional for you, the

person you choose to walk with you in this journey will become your bestie for the

foreseeable future. They will be in your life in an intense way until you get to the closing

table. That's why it's crucial to find a real estate pro whose personality clicks with yours.

Communication Is Key

Communication is non-negotiable when choosing your listing agent. You want someone

who's responsive, reliable, and keeps you in the loop. This can mean many things.

Make your expectations clear on how you’d prefer to be informed and how often.

Whether it's a quick text, a weekly check-in call, or an email update, you steer the ship.

Your agent is your advisor and sounding board, but you have every right to receive the

amount and type of communication that best suits you. Clear and open communication

builds trust and keeps the process moving forward smoothly.

Marketing Muscle

Gone are the days when sticking a "For Sale" sign in your front yard was enough to attract buyers. In today's digital age, you need a real estate professional who knows how to harness the power of online marketing to get your property noticed. Look for

someone who has a strong online presence, utilizes professional photography, and

knows how to leverage social media to reach potential buyers. Ask, what other tools do

they have at their disposal if your house isn’t getting action right away? What does their

brokerage or franchise bring to the table that can be leveraged for their property?

Fee Structure

Last, but not least, always ask about their fee. Selling a house can involve various fees

and commissions, so it's essential to understand the fee structure upfront. When you

hire a real estate professional to sell your property, you are hiring the brokerage. Your

real estate pro is a sub-agent of that brokerage. Some broker’s charge a flat fee, while

others work on a commission basis. Make sure you're clear on what services are

included in the fee and any additional costs you might incur along the way. Remember,

the cheapest option isn't always the best, but neither is the most expensive. Find a

balance that works for your budget and goals.

At The End Of The Day

This is a great starting point for finding the best fit for you, but never underestimate a

referral from someone you trust. Someone who has worked with that person before is a

great resource for how they will treat you after you’ve committed to them. If you have

someone in mind that you’d like to work with, ask them for references, search for

reviews online specifically for them, but also their brokerage office.

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